Things That Make You Go, Hmmm

So here’s a few random thoughts for today. My producer for my next CD is Roy Salmond. The approach to producing a recording with Roy is rather quite fun for many reasons one of which is that it’s always about much more than the music. Before we track vocals, and often when we arrange the song structures we talk about lyrics. I am sometimes one who over-thinks lyrics when I write. But I do feel strongly as a songwriter who is a Christian, and as one who spends much of my time leading music in church, that what I write and sing should not just be clever or inspiring or emotionally moving. It needs to also be true. So for all those reasons, when recording we also spend a lot of time talking. I thought I would let you in on some of those ‘things that make you go hmmm’, when you talk about them. See where this takes you…

First a quick story. I wrote a song called LOVE RESCUED ME. Part of the lyric is ’ Love rescued me, Love rescued me Lost and afraid still Love rescued me Love rescued me, Love rescued me I’ll worship You only

That was one of the lyrics that Roy and I spent some time with. We ended up changing the last line to refer to part of a prayer / liturgy ‘Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer’ So now I sing Love rescued me, Love rescued me Lost and afraid still Love rescued me Love rescued me, Love rescued me Lord in Your mercy

While both were ‘true’, ‘Lord in Your mercy’ seemed to convey a deeper meaning and more fresh way of articulating what God’s love would mean to someone rescued by Him. However, ‘I’ll worship You only’ is a nice response to being rescued by God’s love. Which one holds more meaning for you?

Here are a few favorite quotes that Roy shared with me, and one more piece of a song…some stuff for you to think about…

  • One world of truth shall outweigh the whole world - Russian proverb cited by Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  • The trouble with normal is it always gets worse – Bruce Cockburn
  • We have grown so accustomed to disappointment that we would be disappointed without it – Craig Barnes
  • It goes against the way we think that it should be, that imperfection seems to suit Him perfectly His sacred fingerprints upon our broken beauty - Jon Buller and Bob Bennett

So there are 4 fairly weighty statements, that can take you down some very interesting paths of conversation or personal reflection. By the way, the last one is an excerpt from a song that I wrote with accomplished writer Bob Bennett. It looks like it will be a song included on my new cd, which will hopefully be released sometime in ‘09. I am still enjoying my job at Vernon Alliance church, but have also enjoyed writing and touring a little bit more this past fall and winter. Starfield fans will recognize the theme / title Beauty in the Broken. I’m compelled to say that the guys are great friends of mine. However there was a good chunk of time where we didn’t see or talk to each other. It was in that season of time that we both were thinking about similar themes - unbeknownst to any of us!

Until next time…and hopefully sooner than last time…

Jon Buller