Go to Church

Last Sunday I was very tired. Various different circumstances, all of them good - contributed to my weary state. I am not complaining, don’t get me wrong… it’s just part of life - there are seasons where you rest, and there are seasons where you need to keep the gas pedal down. And there are days when you ‘hit the wall’. A friend told me that will never change. But what will change (God willing) is the varying speed at which you hit the wall. The older I get, the easier it is for me to see that wall approaching! I am slowly learning… But I digress…

What I meant to say was, I didn’t particularly feel like going to church last Sunday. Yes, I work at church - so normally I don’t have a choice in the matter. But my job is a wonderful blessing to me, and I love doing it, so I don’t need a choice in that anyways, because I enjoy it. However, on occasion I have parts of weekends with outside gigs, or have a weekend off (trying to learn to pace myself), and it’s those weekends that I am tempted to stay home with a pot of coffee, with my family or just by myself. Add to that, I am an introvert (albeit an ‘outgoing’ one), but an introvert nonetheless and so my best excuse to not go to church I think is fairly legitimate. To recharge I just need to be alone. But even that doesn’t always hold up really… I can sneak in the back a hair late, and sneak out the back a hair early and it’s a win - win. I am still with people, but I am still ‘under the radar’.

Anyway, I went to church with my family. And I was still really tired. But it was really good. There were no spiritual fireworks but it just felt so good to be there. Much better than my newspaper or tv would have been at home… It was the best place that I could have been.

I don’t want to comment on the big picture ‘seasons’, desert times or even painful times when one feels ‘pushed away’ by the church or religion or whatever it may be - maybe that’s for another blog… But what I do want to say is that in the regular course of life, you’ve usually got one chance in the week to be with a group of people seeking after God’s presence. Once chance to recharge, to be encouraged, to sing, to listen, to pray, to offer, to be taught, together with God’s people. ONE chance.

Don’t miss it.

Go to church