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Hi friends,

Well, it’s a little too easy to write a blog that’s not my own blog - but this one was too interesting to not share with you. Again, it’s from Dr. John Stackhouse and I think it will spur you on to some good thoughts, on the danger of over-simplifying important things like FAITH.

Enjoy, and do follow the link ‘continue reading’ to get the whole picture.


Prof. John Stackhouse’s Weblog Simple Is Good; Oversimple Is Bad

I recently guested on a TV show hosted by a notorious critic of the Christian faith. As we worked through his Top Ten List of Things He Doesn’t Like about Christianity (not actually what he called them, but that’s what they were), he chided Christians for "all that theology that complicated things." Why not, he challenged, just say, "Love your neighbour"?

Since he had been both a lawyer and a politician, I countered with this observation: "Law seems awfully complicated too, doesn’t it? I mean, why not just say, ‘Mind your own business. Don’t steal. Keep your word’–you know, stuff like that? Could it be that the adult world is a bit complicated and so adults need complicated laws?"

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