Hi everyone,

Instead of writing my own blog right now, I had in mind to share this one with you. Dr. Stackhouse is a reputed theologian, writer, musician and friend. His blog is thought provoking and this one in particular is a great read. To get the whole blog entry (it’s worth it), follow the link to ‘continue reading’.

God bless!

Jon Buller

Prof. John Stackhouse’s Weblog And Now It’s Time to Be Quiet

After all the excitement generated by my last two posts, it’s time for something completely different. One correspondent sent along the following note:

"What about the disappearance of the musical language of silence? It seems to me that a problematic aspect of our modern context is over-stimulation and a resulting loss of the language of silence, which I believe is part of what has robbed much music—and the spoken word—of their power. I lead contemplative services which include a lot of music, but I feel the silence which is practised as part of that service makes it so much more powerful. It’s a sign of the times when two minutes of real silence is experienced as threatening."

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