A Bit of History

When I was in my teens, I wrote a song called HEAR THE MUSIC.

‘Well I hear it from the left, and I hear it from the right Sometimes I hear it in stereo, sometimes it’s outta site And I really don’t know why, but without it I just can’t get by When I HEAR THE MUSIC I’m gonna praise the Lord And I’ll lift my hands to the sky’

It had a few verses, and a chorus…a bridge, a solo…all the components of a pop/rock song, and while I am convinced it would not have won any songwriting awards for me, surprisingly almost 10 years later when HEAR THE MUSIC night started, I realized that song was a seed. It was a seed for the name – yes, but also a seed for the ‘sprit’ of the event. To lift our hands to the sky – to reach out to Jesus – to praise God. That’s really the whole point. In John 12:32 Jesus talks about being lifted up from the earth and that when that happens He will draw us to himself. There’s a lot to unpack there – we lifted Him up in crucifixion, yes. But because of that, ultimately his resurrection has brought us new life – eternal life. And we can also lift Him up in praise through music. And that also fills us with life, and glorifies Him at the same time! I hadn’t thought about it in a long while, but the 3rd line of that verse has had great meaning for me too. ‘I really don’t know why, but without it I just can’t get by’. For me it’s a very simple way of saying ‘music saved my life’. More times than I can count, God has met me and changed me through a song or a musical moment. The Aldous Huxley quote makes so much sense to me…’After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is MUSIC’.

Jon Buller