Who Says You Can't Go Home?

A few weeks ago I returned to my hometown of Winnipeg to play some music for folks. It was wonderful to be back and see old friends, and also meet some new ones. So, first off, a quick thanks is in order to everyone really – it meant so much to me be received the way I was. The welcome felt great!

From media appearances at CHVN and Trinity TV, to performances at the Bridge Alliance church, Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary School, Calvary Temple and the Meeting Place, and an in-store appearance at the Light Christian Bookstore, it was a whirlwind trip really but it was great to meet new friends and catch up with others. Y’all know who you are!

What kept coming to mind was how much I miss the big sky. I sure love where I live now, in Vernon BC in the Okanagan Valley. But there is nothing – really nothing, like that big, never-ending prairie sky. I love the prairies. I miss the prairies. And what I miss even more than the prairie skies are the people – and that’s what coming home reminded me of.

You see, where I live now is also a beautiful place. But what has made it my new home is the people… New friends and community that I have come to love and serve, and who have come around my family and I. And people are also why I can still say ‘I’m going home’, when I’m traveling back to Winnipeg for whatever reason. Warning – shameless plug coming here… And people are why I’m excited to come back to Winnipeg on September 11 to my favorite venue in Canada – the Walker theatre (aka the Burt) for a worship concert and CD release of LIGHT UP THE SKY… come on out people!

I’ll forever be grateful to you Winnipeg, and Southern Manitoba of course. Family, friends, supporters of my ministry – you have shaped and formed me, my music and my ministry. See you again soon!