Christmas and EVERYTHING

I don’t remember where I was when I first heard the Tim Hughes song EVERYTHING but I remember being instantly struck by the meaning of it for my own life. I imagine the same thing has happened with that song for many other people too. When I heard the verse, it kind of sung itself to me…

God in my living, God in my breathing God in my waking, God in my sleeping And on it goes… resting, working, thinking, speaking

Being that it’s two days before Dec 25th, the day that we celebrate the birth of Christ, that song and its’ lyrics make me reflect on my lifestyle, my faith, God in my everyday experience.

I think it’s safe to say that most decent people in the world are inspired at least a little bit at this time of year by the ‘spirit’ of Christmas to live a bit better then we do most of the average days of the year. We try and step out of the daily grind, and make family and friends a priority. We give, we receive, we celebrate, we hope. We try to put away (at least for a time) conflicts or tensions so that we can celebrate together.

But what of the rest of our year? And what about so many of us who are deeply saddened at Christmas time? Because, as my pastor says, Christmas has a way of making the good things even better, and the hard things even harder… And then Tim Hughes’ song comes back to me again…

God in my hoping, God in my dreaming God in my watching, God in my waiting God in laughing, there in my weeping God in my hurting, God in my healing

It’s a big reason why I love this song, and why I knew instantly when I heard it that I would record it. This is a song for every day. Especially meaningful at Christmas, but it’s a song for every day, for every person really, that wants to, or needs to, or can’t think of anything else but to reach out to God.

It’s a simple but profound chorus: Be my everything, be my everything, be my everything… (and in case you hadn’t got the idea yet - one more), be my everything.

I don’t know who will read this. But without knowing who you are, or what your journey is right now, I pray that you will be inspired to live this song out as prayer this season and every day from here on. I pray you will find hope in your relationships and in your faith - however small or large that faith may be for you. If you’re celebrating, share your joy. If you’re struggling, hang on to hope - don’t let go. And I pray that we will share the inspiration of Christmas together by experiencing ‘God with us’, Jesus, Emmanuel. This Christmas and every day. May He increasingly become your Everything.