Just Write Something

I have some time off from work, and one of my goals has been to take some of the time to write. I’ve been through a lot of different seasons in my life as a songwriter and one of them lasted 2-3 years. It was a season where I agreed with myself that I would cease writing songs. I had no timeline. No end-date. I just frankly didn’t want to be depressed if I was uninspired, or that I wasn’t making time, or that I was uncreative, or that I was not as prolific as I could or should be. Maybe not great logic, but it was what it was.

Eventually, I decided it was time to start again. So I wrote a song. For no other reason than to prime the pump…get the juices flowing again. Not that anyone would ever hear it performed, or recorded. Just an exercise really. Funny enough, ‘There’s a Life’ turned out not too bad, and was used together with an original script in a performance at my church, then recorded and released as a single on my cd, LIGHT UP THE SKY. Radio stations even played it! No huge royalties that I recall, but definitely some gas money! More songs came, and I was able to rediscover my creativity by taking the pressure off. Writing just to write and for no other reason.

So here I am again, and as they say ‘it’s the same…but different’. This time I actually have a stated goal to be writing, but I am having quite a hard time finding the motivation to be creative. Maybe in some other journal entry I can analyze why that is. But for now, I’m thinking I just need to rediscover that experience I had when I wrote ‘There’s a Life’.

I heard somewhere, that songwriters should never be afraid to write a bad song. In fact, in my thinking the poorly written songs are perhaps the most important ones to write. I think it’s possible that the ‘not so great’ songs have to be written, to get them out of the way, so to speak, of the great ones that are behind it, patiently waiting in line to find their way onto the page, or the recording.

Just write something – anything. A blog, a journal, a story, a song, a poem, a letter…No one needs to read it, or hear it or be inspired by it. But there is a very important reason to write it. This might not be much of an insight, but it also might be the most important thing for me to be doing right now. Maybe for you too. Here’s to another wave of creativity and inspiration. Don’t worry, it’ll come…just write something.